A little about me…

Why did I start Yoga with Jacqi? I had attended a few yoga classes in my youth and I enjoyed them. It was not until I had a shoulder injury that I began attending regular yoga classes. I started to get more and more into the poses and the philosophy and loved it, but sometimes still felt weird. I looked around the room sometimes and felt ‘this yoga thing seems to be for rich people.’

I know that isn’t true, but it felt like I didn’t quite belong there. And honestly, yoga is not horribly expensive, but it can be a bit more than some people are able to pay to go regularly enough to truly benefit. I also want people to see that yoga is for everyone.

With the free Sunday virtual classes, I invite everyone into my home- mess, puppies, and all- to show that no matter how crazy life gets, we can all fit in yoga. I have a career Monday through Friday so I share the benefits of yoga when I can and try to do so with an open and lighthearted approach.

I first started providing free yoga through a collaboration with the Florida Department of Health CHIP and other government agencies.

Why the octopus in the logo?

An octopus can change shape, size, and color. It can live and move in water and on land. An octopus is strong, but also soft (bodied). Octopi are intelligent and can work through problems. They can fit in most places (as long as their beak can fit). Yoga is about understanding that you are made to fit, that you deserve to take up space, being able to adapt to smaller spaces, and solve problems while remaining calm. Always be yourself, unless you can be an octopus.

Additionally, most people know yoga for the poses (asana) and the breathing (pranayama) but there are actually eight limbs of yoga. The eight limbs are: Yamas (restraints), Niyamas (observances), Asana (poses), Pranayama (breath), Dharana (intense focus), Dhyana (meditation), Samadhi (state of oneness). These are topics are going to be part of the Patreon discussions as well as just some other fun tips, tricks, and chats.

I started my yoga teacher training in 2014, earning my first 200hr YTT from North Port Yoga under Natalie DiMauro. I continued my teacher training to obtain my meditation teacher training and 500hr RYT under Dawn Yager and Shanti Yoga, Myrtle Beach.

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